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Train to Win, Eat to Lose



Alberto Arelle, NYC:

"I had a very simple request when I contacted Neil for training...make
me as strong as you can in six weeks.  I needed strength for a course I needed to take, and he certainly delivered.  The combination of diet, and sessions at the gym worked extremely well. Other important factors were the small tidbits of information I received throughout the sessions - the importance of cold water for instance.  He is a well qualified, insured, and competently trained. I highly recommend him."

Jon Cohn, NYC:

"Armed with an encyclopedic arsenal of exercises, Neil keeps training interesting.  You are sure to see results and Neil will work to make sure you're progressing.  His attentiveness to the details of your routine is exceptional and you will never find his attention to wane during your session.  Easygoing and caring about your welfare are his strong points. I've been training with him for several years and I would definitely recommend his services."

Bob Gelber, NYC:

"Last year I was fortunate enough to have Neil as my personal trainer.  I have had a gym membership for more than 10 years.  During that time I have worked with numerous trainers and can, at this point, recognize who knows what they are doing and who is just taking up their client's time.  Neil was one of the best trainers I ever worked with.  His enthusiasm kept me interested in each session.  I  looked forward to getting to the gym and finding out what Neil would have in store for me that day.  Each session was unique, there was never a time that I knew exactly what he would have me do.  He varied his techniques on a regular basis and made each session interesting - something I would look forward to.  Neil's knowledge of the human anatomy was also at top level.  He would always be able to explain why I was doing a particular exercise.  He is also extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and how important proper diet is, particularly when it comes to working out and seeing results."

Evelyn Luna, NYC:

"I started training with Neil two years ago. I had hurt my back and hadn't worked out for a year. My goal was to make my back strong again and get back in shape. Neil was excellent! We train twice a week when I'm not traveling. He has a new and fun workout routine everytime we meet. It's never boring and I actually look forward to it. He is well informed on nutrition and healthy eating habits. Even his nutrition recommendations are interesting and varied. I've become stronger, achieved my weight goals, have adopted healthier eating habits, and feel great! He is very personable but extremely serious and focused as a trainer. So, don't expect to get away with any slacking...he will motivate you if you are receptive and willing to take the challenge. I highly recommend him!"

Richard Rabinowitz, NYC:

"I have been a type 2 diabetic for 25 years. As a husband and father of two, there are obvious reasons for maintaining a healthy diet and a moderate lifestyle overall.  Yet for 25 years I have failed to diet and exercise properly. Even though I hate exercising, I have joined gyms more than once but never followed through. I have ignored the ongoing efforts of intervention from friends and family for two decades. My endocrinologist has worked hard to try and get me to commit to some sort of plan but my blood sugar has remained steady at the level of 280 (twice the maximum normal level) for the 20 years I have been visiting this doctor. This doctor is an excellent doctor, but one who had an uncooperative patient. Six months ago, Neil began training me at my home twice per week. His combination of expertise, dedication and an understanding of personality dynamics were effective in motivating me to overcome my distaste for exercise.  We started out slowly with a simple routine. Within 2 weeks, I was no longer groaning in the face of crunches and pushups and my endurance had significantly improved as did the amount of weight I could lift.  Within a couple of weeks Neil casually introduced a dieting strategy.   For reasons that I do not comprehend to this day, I have been able to make positive changes to my eating habits and now my blood sugar level is normal. My doctor expects that he will soon be able to take me off of the heavy doses of daily insulin shots if I am able to keep it up.  I feel that with Neil's visits, now 3 times per week, I just might make it. I have also lost weight (going from 255Ibs. to 235lbs.) and the weight continues to fall off, with a real chance of getting to a goal of 200lbs. If you have the money, you should spend it on hiring Neil as your trainer."

Scott Starkman, NYC:

"I have been training with Neil for several years. I train only one time per week, but each session with Neil is worth two or three sessions with someone else. Neil is EXTREMELY creative; we don't use any machines. We use either free weights or no equipment at all.  You'd be surprised to learn what a great workout you can get outside of a gym! Neil is very serious about what he does, but he also makes the training (dare I say) fun.  Training with Neil over these past several years, I have greatly changed my outlook about myself and about my overall health. The fantastic exercise, combined with the new eating habits Neil taught me, has dramatically changed the way I look and feel.   I believe anyone training with Neil will get similar results."


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